The mission of North Area Community Development Corporation is to facilitate community development and to create a healthy, sustainable community through agricultural based economics in underserved neighborhoods in the St. Louis region.

Overview Organization’s History

North Area Community Development Corporation (NACDC) is a 501(c) (3) agency, incorporated in 1995.  The founders are veteran workers and administrators of the anti-poverty programs prominent in the late 1960s.  Over the years, members of NACDC have maintained their friendship while reaching out to other individuals and nonprofit agencies to expand their mission.

NACDC has over fifteen (15) years experience in working with low-income individuals and non-profits and instituting and administering employment and educational programs.  It has successfully partnered with other non-profits in the development and implementation of federal grants totaling more than two million dollars.

For the last three years, the NACDC has been working with the Ministerial Alliance of The Metropolitan St. Louis Area on the development of an urban agricultural initiative for its member churches and congregations.  NACDC is working in collaboration with Lincoln University and a host of community entities.  One of those endeavors involves a unique partnership with When We Dream Together, Inc (WWDT)., a local nonprofit dedicated to the revitalization of long-neglected urban areas.

This summer, we will launch a pilot program, referred to as The Sweet Potato Project, which will provide educational and entrepreneurial opportunities for “at-risk” urban youth.   The project will promote healthy behaviors, and healthy choice, and will work with youth who are at risk of being victimized by violence, illicit drug use, economic deprivation and other environmental distressors plaguing the community. Click here for more information of the Sweet Potato Project.


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