Sweet Potato Project 2013 Wish List

Keon and Charnel

In the summer of 2012, the North Area Community Development Corporation in partnership with When We Dream Together, Inc., introduced the Sweet Potato Project, a summer pilot program aimed at teaching at-risk youth “do-for-self” entrepreneurial skills they can use today, in their own neighborhoods. We capped off the year with the production of Sweet Potato cookies that the youth are selling to supportive groups and individuals today.

Cookie Day #1

This year, 2013, we need your help to launch an expanded program with more kids based on the production of food-based products. Our goal is to create a template here in St. Louis that can revitalize communities and save young lives. We are once again turning to our community of gracious supporters for this grassroots effort. Of course we need funding but we’re also looking for business partnerships, presenters, volunteers and help with other program-related activities. Please take a look at our “Wish List” below and join us.

2013 Sweet Potato Project Wish List:

* Doonations & Sponsorships (for program and staffing needs)

* Partnerships with banks, local businesses, food manufacturers and distributors (to make presentations, allow business visits, contribute supplies, help with fund-raising)

* Partnership with local baker (production of sweet potato cookies)

* Transporation (van) to take youth to planting site and local business visits

* Consumer Support (a reliable source to purchase product(s) ceated by youth)

Cookie Day #5

New SPP logo-compressed

To Donate to the 2013 Sweet Potato Project CLICK HERE

2012 Supporters:

Incarnate Word Logo MFH LogoWWT LogoEducational Equity ConsultantsLU logo jpgstl urban Impact center


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